o   Mi Energy Density Polar Plot—a nutritional “map” to help dieters: (1) visualize where they are nutritionally; and (2) chart promising directions for improvement. It is a compact graphic that integrates the key determinants of a proper diet—energy density, total meal weight (which is the key to what makes us feel satisfied) and total calories (the driver of weight loss/gain).

(Built in Microsoft Excel and discussed in Chapter 17.)


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Software Tools

Emphasizing customization, Healthy Bytes provides a suite of Mi tools to help dieters do the three things that they need to do well to succeed: (1) Setting a realistic weight-loss goal; (2) determining the proper (individually-tailored) caloric deficit to achieve it; and (3) devising palatable and satisfying diets that can be sustained.

o   Mi Volumetrics—a tool to help dieters compose optimized meal plans that maximize meal weight (and thus satiety) while abiding by other dietary constraints (e.g., caloric ceiling, macronutrient composition, the amount of calories from fat, etc.).

(Built in Microsoft Excel and discussed in Chapter 20.)


Cost:                    Free

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o   Mi Model—is an “intimate” energy balance calculator that can be easily tailored to each person’s “specs” and lifestyle preferences (dieting versus exercising) to determine the proper individually-tailored caloric deficit to achieve weight-loss. (Discussed in Chapter 19.)


Cost:                  $ 18.75

Where: Sold by ISEE Systems under the title: LabP: Predicting Weight Loss