Digital-Age eSkills & Tools for Weight-Loss

Because Motivation alone is not Enough

The Book's Premise

Healthy Bytes offers a novel approach to weight management—wielding the twin innovations of Systems Thinking and information technology in a form that’s accessible to the general reader—with the hope that it would have a profound influence on how ordinary people think about and manage their health and wellbeing.

          o We can’t manage what we don’t understand!  Because the human body is a highly complex and dynamic system, effective self-regulation requires skill and the right tools. Motivation alone is not enough.

          o  It seems paradoxical, but the wondrous recent advances in health care have made the task of managing personal health more critical—and complex—not less.  As life expectancy increases, minor dysfunctions due to personal mismanagement (e.g., gaining excess weight) have now more time to morph into chronic ailments later in life.

          o Healthy Bytes wields the twin innovations of Systems Thinking and information technology— in a form that’s accessible to the general reader. The aim: (1) Help people better understand how the human energy and weight regulation system works, why it works that way, and how to better manage it; and (2) Give people the tools they need to finish the job.

          o Emphasizing customization, Healthy Bytes provides a suite of "Mi" tools to help dieters do the three things that they need to do well to succeed: (1) Setting a realistic weight-loss goal; (2) determining the proper (individually-tailored) caloric deficit to achieve it; and (3) devising palatable and satisfying diets that can be sustained.

          o The great advances in information technology, medicine, and systems sciences that are allowing us to do this are converging with another powerful trend: the increase in public initiative to take greater responsibility for their wellbeing. This is opening enormous possibilities for empowering people with the tools they need for disease prevention and personal health management. It is truly a new development.

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